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We cover a range of Singaporean topics from People and culture, Natural and Built Environment, Places and Spaces, Time and Events, Inventions and Technology.

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NinoNews encourages children to:

Show an interest in the world they live in

Find out why things happen and how things work through simple investigations

Develop a positive attitude towards the world around them

"My child asked about the Singaporean General Election, where can I find such content?"

"NinoNews helps answer tough local questions with specific local content, including politics!"

"Where can I find resources about Singapore for my child online?"

"Search for culturally appropriate Asian content on NinoNews!"

"I'm thinking of using YouTube but there are ads which are not safe or appropriate for children!"

"At Ninonews, we curate to make sure all our content is child-appropriate. Learn about culture, values and more!

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Who are we?

We are a group of passionate educators, designers and developers looking to innovate news reading and video content for young children.

Closely following the NEL framework, Nino News aims to broaden children's understanding about their own discovery of the world.

Our main aim is curating and summarising positive, fun and engaging news and video content for our young ones, giving them hope and faith even in the midst of all the negativity.

To our children, the world can be a huge and scary place. Through our news and video content, we believe that we can help children discover new knowledge about the world around them, understand that the world is their oyster and be empowered to make the world a better place - one step at a time.

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